by Maze of Terror

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War even remains, the nuclear race has began. To global devastation, we are ready for the attack. Launch the arms, we will kickback. We are prepared tonight, the earth will burn. Manhattan, borodino, uranium three pillars of the new regime of crime. Build a nuclear stars, immolate the earthly beings, no hope of a new begin. Your skin will be burned. This sky in black turns. Acid rain leads you to hell. Be caught by rotting force. The earthly core collapse, the land is dead. Under the cemeteries, the new star is prepared Enjoy the show, awaits you, The peace is near?. Governments blind by the power, no see, no hear. Uranium plutonium, new names of death. People killed by pleasure. A new nuclear force will be raised. War gods collide with each. The end of earth, for eternal destruction. Lunatics men of white, appointed by the devil action. Involved in insane madness, prepares for the slaughter. Evil forces attack, thundering sound of battle. Run although is useless, god doesn´t exist. Wait the end by radiation´s sick, your tears don’t help. Rotting force , leads to extinction. Teratogenesis, immortal degradation.
Embrace the wildness, we become. Its old strength to us has return. The inner beast has been unleashed. It running free, an ruthless spirit of anger. Come to the time of the ancient ones. The first of us of the Jackals were born. Now when the killing has begun. Like a nightmare we are reborn. An Ice breath freezes you from inside. It’s the night, the time of genocide. Our queen see us in the sky blushed. We must rise from the ashes. Eat flesh and drink blood like wine. Left your humanity behind. They are food for the herd. Among us only the strong prevail. Feel on your veins, the raid. Your voice break in the wolves cry. Claws like a knife leaf. Your teeth disengages in jaws Our bones broke to reform. And your beats turn like a drum of war. You will run with the pack. While your mind turns into deep black. Lycanthropes, lycans we are, (bis) and you will never see us come Under their shoulders hide his head like an abject servants. They will be exterminated, by the ascendant of the lupus sapiens. Raw, brutal, insane, I will tear the skin on your face. A wild instinct impulse by hate, on the neck Ill Trap my prey. Our realm is the deepest cold, will taste the blood in your throat. They will be hunt like a rats by the sons of Romulus(bis). We become, we reborn. Under their shoulders hide his head like abject servants. They will be exterminated, by the ascendant of the lupus sapiens.
Humans like cannibals, that each other’s meat. Let me introduce myself, as a alchemist of ills. I Descend into the abyss, I cut the earth to make it bled. I run a black sea of the darkness till wasn’t life to be killed. I infest the air, with sulfur and dioxide. My Oil is spread, in millions of gallons by the oceans. I melt the temples of ice, light up the skies on fire. Must learn the nescient mind, a futile land, cant will be tilled. There will be blood. Your entrails of full of scum. There will be blood. Known death with a cut throat. Tanned fingers on acid, my slaves born to serve. By a eternal debt become, an heritage forged with my will. Sores in your mouth, the pain will be shared. Land buy for nothing, a deal will pay in this grave. I see the worst inside, I don’t look beyond when I need. I hear a million lies till exhale an acid breath. About all I've had testify, I build a contempt for human life. Must learn the nescient mind, over crude spilled, is useless the cry. The guilt say the call. To pain will must come. I’m dead, I will fall, in a hole. I will die in a tomb. Bath into black gold. I’m dead, I will fall, I’m rot. There will be blood.
I can hear the pain of my victim’s pleads I feel their sorrows burn and destroy my head. Tears and screams mixed by grim pleasure. I need the forgiveness of the dead, insured. Out of your weak body, feel a blood rain I enjoy taking your life, I was born of sin and hate. Tear you heart with my hands, I feel the pain becomes hate. you're not welcome, of heaven and the hell tear out. Two trapped souls inside a body jail. Insane being, your bones break. Mindless warrior with a sick brain. Half dead, a violent mind of hate. Spread the blood, claims the stolen lives. Even I heard the seconds of token lives. I ask salvation, ask mercy and freedom. Death is not a option, I have to pay, for kill em. The death help me to calm peace´s desire. The moon is burning in the sky. I need kill, feels good, but I can't live with it. I drag in fire. No one options, now your death comes, both enjoy this silent suffer. You are a man of death, nothing ever stops, your knife claims a slaughter. Scream, noone helps, pleasure for kill, pleasure to see you cry. Don`t awaits, death comes run, there `s no heaven, no hell into the sky. Shall burns. Feel the pain like them, feel the death without come. Across his suffer, till escapes of your rotting corpse. No tomorrow, is only darkness and suffer. Hide in shadows pay for the slaughter. Like a wolf in the winter´s age. I will run wild for your prey. Trap by the neck, you are not save from my rage.
Hear the first yell of death, under the edge of knives. Smell the chaos spread, inside the emptiness of their guts. You know the time to die, be witness of an abyss of horror. See inside your blinded eyes, when screaming in the forgotten hollow. Call them acts of war, when killing women and children, ravaged by fire. Streets will drenched in blood, his victims pay an unbridled lust of power. Lived an outright lie, built an empire while millions dying of famine. The misery scattered across, a carnage begins into the eternity halls. Plagued by ills, Thousand diseases. Kneeling in fear. By corpses in fields. Torn the unborn. Of the womb of their mothers. In the bottom´s hole. your life doesn’t matter. Stands a world empire, and will thousands prepare to die. Isolated of the human kind. At the far, World´s dead side. No one see their disgrace, blinded to the penitent cry. Feel the screams of agony. All you will hide. At the far. World´s dead side. Waste new world order, a reign of monsters in lands of disorder. March the armies of hate , by excuse of peace, pull a shot in your head. Under a burning sun, walk a sea of sand to kill one by one. Victims of thirst and hunger sent to oblivion, when the all cold blood runs. Live a world unreal. While dreaming, be killed. Raise the flags of fear. Await death, or be kneel. Come at your door the sackers. By rage ask murder. Born into the ashes. To fall in a massive graveyard. Burn!!. Cry of no one hear. Be quiet by the realm. Chaos, slaughter and rape. Pride built by hate. Will die an entire race. Will be killed by apartheid. Land without return. Not peace, never future. Burn!!.
Chained in silence and darkness, Your suffer drag you in hell. A Land of freedom to get away, will dive me, in dark water. Don’t run, your exit is denied, lost your chance to regress. Dark thoughts. your brain burning , fall in a maze without start, without end. Trapped in the web ,your watcher, own tormentor, jailer. Every look is a dagger on your back, waiting nailed. 10,000 volts on your body ,you convulses lost in the abyss. Don't hear the voices, they will do the orders,you like a servant. Paranoia is compulsion, you will killed your world of the real. Tears who not exists, your abode is surreal. I tore my eyes to see, I tore my ears to not hear. I tore my tongue to scream, I tore till bleeding me. Torture, I’m burning of evil. I’m a bringer of torture, I’m bearer of ills, I’m in hell. Torture, I’m chased by demons. I’m a bringer of torture, I’m bearer of ills, why I´m not dead yet?. With chemicals you try to save, but your blood is your cure. Tortured by cries of distress, in the emptiness of this room. Feel the lament in the meat , don’t know reason of regret. You can´t stop the brain attack with a shoot of gun in your head. From the torment try to escape, but take you to shores of hell. Last chance to end yourself, to the wall strike your head. After all the committed abominations. You will be learn a hurting lesson. You will be paid with an agonizing pain. Our deepest acts of a bloody hate. After all the committed abominations. You will be learn a hurting lesson. You will be paid with an bloody fortune. All by the hands of the bringer of torture.
Curse by the arms that use, find you in hell, death is your faith, don’t run. Never accept excuses, never forgive your game, in suffer you´ll die, burnt. Animals turn your lifes, perfect beings, the naive will live forever. Although they are no longer, they running free, they fly to the heaven. Protectors. We march to death. Protectors. Chains extend your agony and cry. We avenge your blood. Protectors. we are born on fire. Swimming in the sea, born to be free, you're the disease to must be kill. Devoured fossil fuel, devastaste the seas, forests changed by concrete. For metals dig the earth, while you drown in your selfishness and greed. We are here to make amends, damned to maze, we are here.
Run the blood by lust, run the blood by heresy. The facts don’t matter, if you confess, you will die. Look for the mark of the devil, the weapons are ready. Pointing to sky crosses, the hunt has begun, to blood to be shredded. Ready the Inquisition, the religion try to dominate us. In chambers of tortures and pain, they will judge us. Osculum infame, announces the ritual. A pentagram carved on your chest, it`s this the final. You are the chosen one, are invoked the demons. The smell of sulfur marks the way, to the land of evil. Executio, executio, executio, burn and bleed Executio, executio, executio, Bestialis To get to heaven, will tied to stakes. We cornered by swords, our boiling blood burn in a blaze. All people enjoy, when you fall in your fears. Dying, in the fire of your hell, you will be killed. A sarcophagus close slowly, to lose your breath. Invoke your name, in pagan rituals with chants and spells. Coven cold night, full moon wrapped on blood. In the dark lament´s forest, campaign and orgy of rot. Between suffering souls, feel your fate whispered to hear. Full of secret pleasures in the Book of shadows, blood, wine and fear. A hell of thousands faces of desire. Dances around the circle, it’s calling to the master. Through the halls of fear , you take a look, will fast. Galix, fire goddess of your madness and lust. Welcome to the maze, your eternal soul be harassed. Murderers hide in the clergy, pain inventions, each time more in violence. Galix escapes to the temple, the inquisitor light a stake. All will die in sunset, the moon and the stars collide with each. The wind splits on your face, like a needles. Although we are caught, will eternal our spells of fear.
Scream for new blood, hear the violence call. Silent witnesses to the art of death, in his bleeding scars. Enter across the fire , to impossible redemption. No more laws, no more orders, he become in annihilation. When the night falls, see the fear in the enemy eyes. Hunt by the wolves, sleep armed with a knife. Walking without course, in a way of no return. Will fight till all fall. Blooded past, burning future. Thousands dragged to hell, with the hate of a cut of throat. An eternal nightmare written, in the mind their sons. One sea of corpses, the pain takes possession. Only a child survive, by the time and desolation. A Trail of blood, fed in a living grave. Nothing matters, he knows the end of the way. Birds of prey, a nomad in the land of the brutal. This night his grave call, Blooded past, burning future Welcome to this world of dead without rules. Smash their faces, on your hands of blood are full. He knows the final fate, yet a million storms of bullets. Nothing stops him, he marches to the slaughter.
In castles filled of darkness, place stories of nobility, evil and cruelty. In the crusades and ancient battles, pulling the rival guts you reach the ecstasy. Trapped children ready for the ritual, his naive soul enjoy to sacrifice. Alchemists, sorcerers and heresy, awakes the devotion to evil might. Felt in the narrow corridor of the towers, the death smell on your bowels Morbid tales of diabolical minds, that are terrible reality, he will find. One beast of war, psychotic in arms, a french hero without mercy Joan of Arc my earthly goddess, Joan of Arc my angel heavenly. Haunted by demons inside. Powered by sick pleasures in your mind. Raised between torture and suffering. Did all that the wicked do in their dreams. Witches fed your brain with old tales of Satan. Fear becomes in desires, black magic drag you into hellish lands. Murders without reason, a sick pleasure to see dying without mercy. Never-ending nightmare, never-ending hell, an immortal heretic. Dragged to hell of the pleasure insane, of your evil owner satisfy. To heaven rise, to innocence tear of the people in fear, Gilles de Rais. Much blood shed, in a ominous game, killer by own will, into the pagan rite. Is not for Satan or his realm of fear, is the dead compile, Gilles de Rais. Hear a desperate cry. A victim ready to die. Believe in hell, the beast unleashed. Feel the smell of blood here. Gilles de Rais.


Full LP edited by Empire Records

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released January 28, 2016

Leviathan - Bass and Screams
Hammer - Drums
Criminal Mind - Guitars
Razor - Guitars


all rights reserved



Maze of Terror Lima, Peru

Hammer: Drums
Criminal: Guitars
Leviathan: Bass & Voice


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