by Maze of Terror

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released May 30, 2012

Leviathan: Bass and Vocals
Hammer: Drums
Bestial Slaugther: Guitars



all rights reserved


Maze of Terror Lima, Peru

Leviathan: Bass and Vocals
Hammer: Drums
Criminal Mind: Guitars
Razor: Guitars


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Track Name: Damned to Eternal Pyre
12000 years into the distant past,
The Eyes of the blooded death involve the frozen lands
The gods break their chains, among the beasts set free the slave
Into the primitive lair, receives prometheus’ flame
Troglodytes are ready of war, Homicides, an addiction has become
Made after the resemblance of death, the mankind like a plague spreads

The assassin walks the earth
Slave of eternal hunger
Prisoner of selfish desire
Burning damned, damned to eternal pyre

Armed masses in the service of hate
Empires of madness formed be thy name
By the land, 6 billions multiplied, by race and religion each divided
Voracious bio warfare, desolates all corners on the earth
Eons in the distant future, all buried under an atmosphere of torture
Under the human ashes all consumed by the slaughter

The assassin walks the earth
Slave of eternal hunger
Prisoner of selfish desire
Burning damned, burning damned
The assassin walks the earth
Slave of eternal hunger
Prisoner of selfish desire
Burning damned, damned to eternal pyre
Track Name: Hatred and Repression
Tonight all the nations will fight
We just want our freedom
They tore our skin and souls
Because they only seek the final overcome

In your land, you'll see the blood runs
Everything you wanted all will die
Hungry children will have to fight
The earth bleeds for mercy, unmerciful times

Ending hatred and repression
For freedom, we can scream
Ending hatred and repression
We are ready to kill

No one has nothing to live
They combat beside of the plague
The final is here the annihilation comes
Wherever you are
Wherever you tread
Is destroyed into pieces
We were born to die
For a world without destruction
Till death we have to fight
Track Name: Lord of Destruction
Lord of destruction was born from hate
and resentment from sick world anger
On winter nights he burns villages enjoys when people are dying
With his bitch the death are come for drag us in the deepest hell’s side
A feeling of fear that breaks your skin pulling from the inside

Universe’s assassin, torment of the night
Created in hell to trample the all world empires

Lord of destruction looks into decay feels your fear by force he attacks
From hell the favourite son murderer of heaven our eternal enemy forever lurks
Hypocrisy and the sick ego will convict you, from the birth to agony
Cannot last more the earth neverending terrified

Cries blood and brakes with grief feels the smell of sulfur and death
Lord of Destruction
Earth is open the sea aways your whispers he hears ,don't pray
Lord of Destruction
Master of horror god of devastation skulls in his collection
Lord of Destruction
Titans and gods fear his arrives raise your arm if you know the end
Lord of Destruction
Lord of Destruction
Lord of Destruction

Cities burning, bodies burning, souls in hell burning
Brains are rotting, all religions are rotting, entire world’s rotting
Heavens are torment, mankind is torment, even Satan is torment
Present in torment, future in torment, forever all in torment

Lord of destruction doesn't feels remorse feels pleasure to see us dead
He knows that will left all in ruins and doesn't worry ne’er
He was created for this and always all will destroyed
Even when you are dead will see your soul as a meal to enjoy
Track Name: Rivals
Rage pain fury hate misery & anger
In the same arena enter the jackal and the tiger
Seconds become Minutes, bloody memories a past of turbulence
Two monsters collide revenge, voracious spirits of violence

One of them will know the land of Hades
There will be no truce until they’ll leave all in ashes
Blood on your fate a bloody shame it has to be paid
Cursed sentenced burned & dead into the eternal hate

Rivals cut the head without any fear
Rivals even dead never accept defeat
Rivals in the game all regret is denial
Rivals Until fall into hell bloodest lair

Two behemoths that will never rest
Piece by piece until the skulls become in dust
Cut after cut, look inside the entrails
Elated senses run through their veins

Fists like rams, jaws sharp like sabres
An old affront plants an evil seed that never let surrender us
This battle is not for humans is just for immortals
Crush smash destroy the enemy in your hands

the death is true as these words
the death is certain as the blade of the sword
in your downfall find my will
in your disgrace find a reason to exist

The acid breaks your breath, fire burns your skin
pain screaming in your soul; one desire to kill
you will know the death as nobody has knew her
in 100 agonies and till the time knows the end
Track Name: Run with Death
Warshock impregnated in the meat, a monstrous defaced rotten mind
Nothing and nobody can stop him,
distorts the social ideals of mankind
Speed Nights Evil Nights, feeds his hunger with human scum
Imperturbable miserable cold,
a walking titan between crystal´s rhumbs
Locked in a mortal body, a higher being ready to kill
Makes the streets his own killing field

Run With death, a Burning flame inside your head
Run With death, a demon rides into the madness trail
Power, devour

Mangled earth in rotted seas is devoured, a damaged brain, a sly psychopath
In his arm he takes justice, destroys everything on his path
Hands wrapped in blood, with each battle he makes stronger
Called from hell, feels like a hero, the son of death the destroyer
Redemption fire in his fist , wielding the hammer of torment
It´s the time to be a hunter

Hate is a scar in the skin, memories are among its seams
Feel the smell of blood the smell of death trapped into the depths of hell
Armed with anger without fear, he plunges inside the Nightmare
Ritual of war, ritual of pain, one victim for each bullet marked
Fury calls the fire rain, a rat-infested city incinerated
Smash his human remains

A burning flame inside your head
A demon rider into the madness trail