Death for our Rivals

by Maze of Terror / Witchaven



We are proud to present "Death for our Rivals" Split - Tape
via Nero One Records with our war brothers Witchaven,
here the song THE HUNGER
with guest guitar solo by Gabrihell Riotor


releases September 29, 2017

Hammer : Drums
Leviathan : Bass and Voice
Criminal : Guitars
Gabrihell Riotor : Guest Guitar Solo for the song THE HUNGER



all rights reserved


Maze of Terror Lima, Peru

Leviathan: Bass and Vocals
Hammer: Drums
Criminal Mind: Guitars
Razor: Guitars


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Track Name: The Hunger
Lift us from the dust of the grave
Cold mother of desolation
Let us drink, let bleed the prey
Put the cattle to feed your nation
You are a fly trapped in despair
Afraid of the dark, a time slave
We will be beholders of the eternal ages
Beside of Death, but never see his fade

We are not sinners, we are the pure
You are disease, we are the cure
Our bones will be a walking tomb
stealing life through a bleeding wound
we will forever roam
Escape of the pain of the burial ground
Hunt with the immortals in the night,
Be cursed of the ennui of eternal life

Screaming, bleeding, stricken by hunger,
Relentless and cold, don't let me, there's no rest
Lift us from this tomb to fly so far,
Guts bleed and burn, screaming caught in fire

Screaming, bleeding, stricken by hunger,
The desire of blood, don't let me, not yet
Release us from this blood, the calm is so unfair,
Feed this corpse, it's the greed of the vampire

Track Name: Executio Bestialis
Run the blood by lust, run the blood by heresy.
The facts don’t matter, if you confess, you will die.
Look for the mark of the devil, the weapons are ready.
Pointing to sky crosses, the hunt has begun, to blood to be shredded.

Ready the Inquisition, the religion try to dominate us.
In chambers of tortures and pain, they will judge us.

Osculum infame, announces the ritual.
A pentagram carved on your chest, it`s this the final.
You are the chosen one, are invoked the demons.
The smell of sulfur marks the way, to the land of evil.

Executio, executio, executio, burn and bleed
Executio, executio, executio, Bestialis

To get to heaven, will tied to stakes.
We cornered by swords, our boiling blood burn in a blaze.
All people enjoy, when you fall in your fears.
Dying, in the fire of your hell, you will be killed.

A sarcophagus close slowly, to lose your breath.
Invoke your name, in pagan rituals with chants and spells.

Coven cold night, full moon wrapped on blood.
In the dark lament´s forest, campaign and orgy of rot.
Between suffering souls, feel your fate whispered to hear.
Full of secret pleasures in the Book of shadows, blood, wine and fear.

A hell of thousands faces of desire.
Dances around the circle, it’s calling to the master.
Through the halls of fear , you take a look, will fast.
Galix, fire goddess of your madness and lust.

Welcome to the maze, your eternal soul be harassed.
Murderers hide in the clergy, pain inventions, each time more in violence.

Galix escapes to the temple, the inquisitor light a stake.
All will die in sunset, the moon and the stars collide with each.
The wind splits on your face, like a needles.
Although we are caught, will eternal our spells of fear.
Track Name: Witchaven, Maze, Metal, Thrash Metal, terror, Death, rivals, Ready, to, Kill, - Rivals
Rage pain fury hate misery & anger
In the same arena enter the jackal and the tiger
Seconds become Minutes, bloody memories a past of turbulence
Two monsters collide revenge, voracious spirits of violence

One of them will know the land of Hades
There will be no truce until they’ll leave all in ashes
Blood on your fate a bloody shame it has to be paid
Cursed sentenced burned & dead into the eternal hate

Rivals cut the head without any fear
Rivals even dead never accept defeat
Rivals in the game all regret is denial
Rivals Until fall into hell bloodest lair

Two behemoths that will never rest
Piece by piece until the skulls become in dust
Cut after cut, look inside the entrails
Elated senses run through their veins

Fists like rams, jaws sharp like sabres
An old affront plants an evil seed that never let surrender us
This battle is not for humans is just for immortals
Crush smash destroy the enemy in your hands

the death is true as these words
the death is certain as the blade of the sword
in your downfall find my will
in your disgrace find a reason to exist

The acid breaks your breath, fire burns your skin
pain screaming in your soul; one desire to kill
you will know the death as nobody has knew her
in 100 agonies and till the time knows the end
Track Name: Gilles de Rais
In castles filled of darkness, place stories of nobility, evil and cruelty.
In the crusades and ancient battles, pulling the rival guts you reach the ecstasy.
Trapped children ready for the ritual, his naive soul enjoy to sacrifice.
Alchemists, sorcerers and heresy, awakes the devotion to evil might.

Felt in the narrow corridor of the towers, the death smell on your bowels
Morbid tales of diabolical minds, that are terrible reality, he will find.
One beast of war, psychotic in arms, a french hero without mercy
Joan of Arc my earthly goddess, Joan of Arc my angel heavenly.

Haunted by demons inside.
Powered by sick pleasures in your mind.
Raised between torture and suffering.
Did all that the wicked do in their dreams.

Witches fed your brain with old tales of Satan.
Fear becomes in desires, black magic drag you into hellish lands.
Murders without reason, a sick pleasure to see dying without mercy.
Never-ending nightmare, never-ending hell, an immortal heretic.

Dragged to hell of the pleasure insane, of your evil owner satisfy.
To heaven rise, to innocence tear of the people in fear, Gilles de Rais.
Much blood shed, in a ominous game,
killer by own will, into the pagan rite.
Is not for Satan or his realm of fear,
is the dead compile, Gilles de Rais.

Hear a desperate cry.
A victim ready to die.
Believe in hell, the beast unleashed.
Feel the smell of blood here.
Gilles de Rais.